We carry a full line of professional supplements from some of the leaders in the industry. From Organic Whole Food Supplements to Fish Oils, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbals, Meal Replacement Shakes and Natural Thyroid Hormone, we supply the best. We regularly make the top companies compete to get the best prices for our patients.

World class, proven supplements can only be obtained with a medical license. We regularly use Fish oil to get cholesterol down as part of a comprehensive program. Occasionally, a patient will get it over the counter somewhere else. At the next check, the cholesterol is back up. We have seen time and time again what quality can do. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Numerous studies have proven over the counter vitamins don’t always have what is claimed on the bottle.

We even have a program for finding nutritional deficiencies using a technique like Applied Kinesiology, called Nutritional Response Testing. We use this for the patient that doesn’t want blood, stool, urine or saliva testing, or has met one of our patients who improved using this technique. The treatment uses inexpensive Organic Whole Food Supplements individualized for specific problems.

If you would like to try some natural treatments, call The Maine Center for Functional Medicine at (207)941-0080.