But, due to the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN, we have changed our operations. To protect our patients and staff, we will only do virtual visits until further notice. We can still provide health products by phone order, mail and drive up service, delivering to your car. We may also change or shorten our hours to accommodate reduced staffing. Call us during normal business hours to reach a staff member or leave a message. The answering machine is checked regularly throughout the day. Thank you for your patience during this trying time. Stay safe.

Dr. Michael Gilmore is a certified Family Practitioner with years of experience treating all the routine medical problems encountered in Primary Care. In addition, he has always had an interest in Osteopathic Manipulation and Alternative Medicine. He is also certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute For Functional Medicine.

At the Maine Center for Functional Medicine, we still treat the normal Adult Medical Issues with Traditional Medications if patients wish. But more and more, the old ways of thinking are being left behind and people want more. As new information comes out and new testing techniques are available, Dr. Gilmore incorporates these into the traditional medical practice experience.

The public’s interest in Natural Medicine, Vitamins, Supplements, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Diet, Natural Thyroid Hormone, Bioidentical Hormones and other non medication options is growing. Now, Dr. Gilmore’s patients have the benefit of both. As he continues to train in Functional Medicine, he adds new, powerful testing and treatment techniques, giving patients more choices and a voice in their own health care.

Currently, he sees Adults as a Primary Care Provider or by Referral or Consult and sees children by Consult Only. He manages most common problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Thyroid Problems, High Cholesterol, etc….and does most of his own dermatology.

He prefers to use Natural Approaches and has successfully stopped or reduced medications for many. He regularly sees patients who believe they are on too many medications or are tired of the side effects. It’s very rewarding to work with patients who will make changes in their lives to cure or improve illness, instead of just taking medications for the rest of their lives. He has become a regular Referral Option and Consulting Physician for many local and statewide practices. He loves difficult problems and this is his passion.

To get more information or to schedule your own Consultation, call The Maine Center for Functional Medicine at (207 for)941-0080.